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Smart. Aggressive. Compassionate. It’s more than a slogan. It’s our mission. Denver lawyer Dianne Sawaya’s personal, compassionate approach to personal injury law means we work only for you and your family – not for insurance companies or big corporations. The majority of our Colorado business comes from satisfied clients, and from doctors who trust us to help their patients. We’re smart, we’re aggressive, we’re professional – and we’re very successful. Our Denver and Greeley based lawyers will get you the medical treatment you need when injured in an accident and the compensation you deserve. You’ll get our dedicated personal, compassionate service, our years of legal experience with auto, motorcycle, and all forms of personal injury and workers' compensation law, and the full resources of our Colorado accident lawyers to help you navigate the complex legal and insurance system. It’s our mission.

Read our personal injury case results, watch our videos and learn more about our Denver accident attorneys. Then call our lawyers at (303) 758-4777 or contact us for a free evaluation of your personal injury case.

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Colorado Case Results of Lawyer Dianne Sawaya


Sharp Negotiating With Feds Nets Denver Client a Settlement

Jared K. was seriously injured in a Denver car accident that caused a life-threatening injury. His brain was bleeding internally, blood was collecting in his skull with nowhere to go, and the pressure and possible damage to his brain was growing by the minute. Jared was treated at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Denver, spent several weeks in the facility and was discharged. His medical bills came to well over $100,000...

Settlement: $100,000 READ THE FULL STORY


Insurers Try to Shift the Blame

Jessica C. was in a bad car accident that resulted in many injuries, including a traumatic brain injury. Like our veterans who return from war with a brain injury, Jessica’s life was changed completely. In addition to the injuries she suffered in the accident, she had a number of physical conditions beforehand which were aggravated considerably. However, the insurance company argued that all of Jessica’s injuries happened before the accident...

Settlement: $275,000 READ THE FULL STORY



Making Insurance Pay for Suffering and Barbie Dolls

John Doe and his family were traveling cross-country to their new home in Colorado when they were slammed into by a semi-truck with a driver who had been behind the wheel way too long. The crash tore the Does’ car apart, scattering the five of them and their possessions. The youngest child was helicoptered to Denver for emergency care, and the rest of the family was badly injured. The Does arrived in Denver with only the clothes on their backs. 

Settlement: Confidential Seven-Figure Settlement READ THE FULL STORY

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